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Kodo Sand and Water Comprehensive Kit

SKU 109656

This robust collection features four portable sensory bins and oodles of tools to create cause and effect sand and water experiences just about anywhere. It features a beautiful wooden Sift and Sort tower with removable screens for exploring dry materials; a Funnel Stand; 50 lbs. of silky-smooth Jurassic Sand; and a variety of sifting, mixing, and sorting tools.


  • Funnel Stand: Elevate your funnels for enriching sensory play as children scoop, pour, and watch the materials flow through the funnels. The stand measures 30" wide and 15" tall and includes four funnels.
  • Set of Four Small Scoops: These heavy-duty clear scoops server indoor/outdoor sand and water play.
  • Set of Two Jurassic Sifter Scoops: These are the perfect scoops for Jurassic Sand, Kinetic Sand, and Kodo Coco. Scoop, stir, pour with these unique sifters.
  • Jurassic Sand Original: Dust-free and straight from the deserts of Utah, it is simply the best play sand available! This sand can be used wet or dry and flows like silk. Sand ships in separate 50 lbs. amount.
  • Sift and Sort: The Sift and Sort tower consists of three different sized screens, each of which filter out a different sized material. Children pour a mixture of materials in the top, and the material is sorted by size—large, medium, and small. The tower is 17" x 11.5" x 8" with 10" x 12" screens and includes a sample of dry materials sized perfectly to fit through the different screens.
  • Set of Four Metal Sand Sifters: These fine-screened tools are ideal for sifting through sand to find beans, blocks, toy dinosaurs, or other hidden goodies.
  • Set of Two Whisks: Measuring 18” long, these huge stainless steel whisks are sure to whip up some serious exploration during sensory time!
  • Set of Two Hand Mixers: Mix up mud, churn up water, or stir up small materials with these child-powered hand mixers.
  • Set of Two Farm Canisters: These incredibly strong stainless steel canisters feature a long handle for one or two children to carry and a snug fitting lid. These food-safe containers are easy to wash and sanitize for the garden, farm, or sensory area.
  • Set of Two Sensory Bins With Lids: These 3” x 18” x 26” indispensable heavy-duty storage bins come with loose-fitting lids that can double as trays.
  • Ice Molds: Adults fill the molds with water and release ice for children to explore, including two cubes and two spheres. Children love to use them for making artistic ice structures.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - This contains small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Product Age Ratings:
Jurassic Sifter Scoops, Small Scoops, & Funnel Stand are appropriate for 18 months +
Farm Canisters, Hand Mixers, Whisks, Metal Sand Sifters, Sift and Sort, & Jurassic Sand Original are appropriate for ages 3+



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