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The Creative Curriculum® for Family Child Care

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The Creative Curriculum® for Family Child Care

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Product Overview

The Creative Curriculum® for Family Child Care will be available to ship on April 5th, 2017.

For decades, The Creative Curriculum® for Family Child Care has helped educators like you to design a high-quality program in your home that is responsive to the needs of children from birth to age 12. Now, there is new daily support from the only curriculum solution specifically designed to support the unique strengths and needs of home-based care.

Just as a road map gives you choices about what routes to take, The Creative Curriculum® for Family Child Care offers choices and encourages flexibility. Caring for children is enjoyable and satisfying because of your ability to appreciate the everyday discoveries that delight a child: the bells that jingle in a pull toy, the amazing accomplishment of a first step, finally fitting a puzzle piece into place, learning to write, and finding the answers to interesting questions. The Creative Curriculum® for Family Child Care shows how everyday routines and experiences are opportunities to build relationships and promote learning. It helps you choose materials and plan experiences intentionally while still having flexibility to respond to the ever-changing interests and abilities of young children.

Because it recognizes both the joys and challenges of providing home-based care and of providing a program that’s as equally responsive and nurturing for infants as it is for school-aged children, The Creative Curriculum® for Family Child Care is the only research-based, high-quality curriculum that’s designed specifically for the unique family child care setting.

The Creative Curriculum® for Family Child Care Components

The Creative Curriculum® for Family Child Care: The Foundation are knowledge-building resources that provide an overview of everything you need to know to help understand best practices and create a vibrant, welcoming program for the children and families you serve.

  • Volume 1: The Foundation summarizes the research foundation for the curriculum and addresses five key aspects of the curriculum: how children develop and learn, how to organize your home and day, what children learn, caring and teaching, and partnering with families.
  • Volume 2: Routines and Experiences applies the five key aspects of The Creative Curriculum® to the routines and experiences that you offer children each day. Each chapter discusses what children are learning and offers suggestions of materials that can support children’s learning during the routines and experiences you regularly plan for as well as strategies for guiding children’s development and learning.
  • Volume 3: Objectives for Development & Learning, Birth Through Third Grade describes in detail the 38 objectives in The Creative Curriculum® for Family Child Care. These objectives, which are highly predictive of school success and are reflective of state early learning standards, include progressions for the whole of early childhood from birth through third grade.

The Creative Curriculum® for Family Child Care: Daily Resources are instructional tools that help support meaningful learning while still offering you flexibility to respond to children’s interests and abilities.

  • Intentional Teaching Cards™ (151) describe warm, playful and engaging experiences, in English and Spanish, that can be implemented throughout the day and across your routines and experiences.
  • Mighty Minutes® (100) are a collection of short, fun activities, tied to important objectives for development and learning, featuring songs, chants, rhymes, and games.
  • The Teaching Strategies® Children’s Book Collection (15 books) includes beloved classic tales and contemporary works by well-known authors that were chosen for their rich vocabulary, characters, storylines, and for the new ideas and meaningful content in their pages.
  • Book Discussion Cards™ (5) offer support for conducting multiple, effective read-alouds. They help you to explore language, literacy, and social–emotional concepts with children as you read.
  • Highlights High Five Bilingue™ (10) presents stories, poems, puzzles, and activities in English and in Spanish to support children who are learning both languages and to introduce Spanish to non-Spanish-speaking children.
  • Highlights Hello™ (24) is a publication with stories, poetry, and simple activities for very young children to enjoy with adults. Each book is made of safe and durable material and contains five separate sections, each with its own unique literacy experience.
  • Book Conversation Cards™ (34) help you actively engage children in conversation during read-alouds, offering strategies for you to use as you guide your children in learning experiences related to Highlights High Five Bilingu¨e™ and Highlights Hello™.
  • The Guide to The Creative Curriculum® for Family Child Care (1) introduces you to The Creative Curriculum® for Family Child Care with steps on how to start implementing the curriculum in your home-based setting. You will find details on the components that make up the curriculum and how everything will fit together to provide you with a seamless day of teaching.
  • The Resource Organizer (1) is a specially-designed binder that you can use to assemble all your materials you plan to use on a particular day.
  • Digital access to The Creative Curriculum® LearningGames®, which are proven, interactive games, intended for families with children up to age 5, that successfully promote fundamental early childhood learning through flexible and simple daily activities.