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On-the-Spot Observation Recording Tool

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On-the-Spot Observation Recording Tool

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Instrumento para registrar sus observaciones al instante

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Child Assessment Portfolio Summary Form (set of 25) | Formulario de calificación final del Portafolio de evaluación infantil (set of 25)
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Assessment Opportunity Cards (set of 10 cards) | Tarjetas de oportunidades para evaluar (set of 10 cards)
Bilingual Item #: 73152 Price: $19.95  
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Family Conference Forms (set of 75) | Formulario de la reunión con la familia (set of 75)
English Item #: 73169 Price: $39.95  
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Spanish Item #: 73244 Price: $39.95  
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Product Overview

GOLD® is an authentic, ongoing observational system for assessing children from birth through kindergarten, proven to be valid and reliable by extensive field testing. It helps teachers observe children in the context of everyday experiences, which is an effective way to get to know them well and find out what they know and can do.

Helps Early Educators Focus on What Matters Most
GOLD® can be used with any developmentally appropriate early childhood curriculum and is based on 38 research-based objectives that include predictors of school success and are aligned with the Common Core State Standards, state early learning guidelines, and the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework. These help teachers focus on what matters most for children’s success.

Supports All Learners
GOLD® can be used to support all types of learners, including children with special needs and children with advanced knowledge and skills.

Fully Bilingual: English and Spanish
Because GOLD® is a fully bilingual tool, it offers teachers support for assessing the dual-language learners in their classrooms who are learning English and Spanish.

User-Friendly Features
The GOLD® Assessment Toolkit contains all the paper components of GOLD®, conveniently packaged in a reusable box. The Toolkit helps teachers ensure they have all the resources they need, at their fingertips, to implement this easy-to-use assessment system.

What's Inside GOLD®
You'll find the following components inside the GOLD® Assessment Toolkit. Each component is also available separately in both English and Spanish.

Objectives for Development & Learning: Birth Through Kindergarten: Objectives for Development & Learning is a thorough reference volume that explains each domain and objective. It presents the related research and typical progression(s) of development and learning for each objective, expectations for each age or class/grade, and examples of strategies that promote learning.

Child Assessment Portfolio Summary Form: These forms enable teachers to summarize progress at the objective level and share important information with administrators and other stakeholders.

On-the-Spot Observation Recording Tool: The On-the-Spot Observation Recording Tool is a convenient checklist that helps teachers capture information about selected objectives quickly and accurately. For use with children one-on-one or in a group, the On-the-Spot Observation Recording Tool eliminates the need for teachers to create their own checklists.

Assessment Opportunity Cards: Ten short, playful, curriculum-embedded classroom experiences that help focus observations on particular objectives for literacy and numeracy. Includes guidance on how to adjust the experiences for children at different levels.

Family Conference Forms: Easy-to-use Family Conference Forms help teachers share important information with families. They save time and help keep information organized—so teachers can spend more time with children and less time filling out paperwork.

Objectives for Development & Learning Classroom Poster: All 38 objectives that are part of GOLD®, beautifully displayed in a convenient poster format for quick classroom reference

GOLD® Fast Facts for Decision Makers
Read our GOLD® FAQs. (PDF)