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Math Right From the Start: What Parents Can Do in the First Five Years

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Math Right From the Start What Parents Can Do in the First Five Years

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Un buen comienzo en Matemáticas Lo que pueden hacer los padres durante los primeros cinco años

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Product Overview

Math Right From the Start

Our Parent Guides help parents learn how to partner with teachers for a successful school year and reassure parents that their children are well-taken care of and safe.

From math and literacy development to inside looks into The Creative Curriculum® classroom, our guides show parents simple ways to build skills and encourage healthy development and learning. Each guide is sold in sets of 10 for easy distribution to every parent in the class.

Math Right From the Start shows parents how they can build mathematical knowledge through everyday activities such as bathing, feeding, and doing household chores—without being expert mathematicians!

This easy-to-read booklet is loaded with suggested activities to enhance children’s learning about numbers, geometry, measurement, patterns and change, and collecting and organizing information.

Best of all, it helps children make important connections between home and school experiences.

Includes: each copy is 56 pages, paperback; sold in sets of 10 copies


Toni Bickart
Toni Bickart, MS, is co-author of Teaching Strategies' newest products: The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool and the Teaching Strategies GOLD® assessment system. She is also a co-author of Building the Primary Classroom; Math Right From the Start; Reading Right From the Start; and What Every Parent Needs to Know About 1st, 2nd & 3rd Grades. During more than 18 years at Teaching Strategies, she has been responsible for product development and production and provided professional development services, keynote speeches, and workshops at schools around the country.


Jan Greenberg
Jan Greenberg is a former Teaching Strategies staff member and author. She is primary author of Celebrating Language and Literacy for Infants, Toddlers & Twos DVD: A User’s Guide and Math Right From the Start. Jan has 30 years' experience with special education, early childhood, and migrant Head Start programs as a classroom teacher, materials developer, program assessor, and training and technical assistance provider.


The Creative Curriculum® is based on the most current research and best practices for children’s mathematics learning.

Learn more about our research foundation by downloading “Research Foundation: Mathematics at Teaching Strategies." (PDF)

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