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Proven: The Creative Curriculum for Preschool
and Teaching Strategies GOLD

Effective. Validated. And even better outcomes together.

Proven to Produce Positive Child Outcomes

An independent, two-year impact study found evidence that The Creative Curriculum for Preschool is effective in helping children achieve positive outcomes. Specifically:

  • Higher literacy and math outcomes
  • Educationally meaningful impacts on spelling
  • Increased teacher effectiveness

Read the summary research report.

Proven to be Even Better Together

Another new report reveals that children in classrooms using The Creative Curriculum and Teaching Strategies GOLD together had greater growth and
higher positive outcomes. Findings included:

  • Higher outcomes across five areas of development and learning
  • Overall positive outcomes for all children in the research sample
  • Demonstrated effectiveness for all learners, including children with disabilities and English-language learners

Read the summary research report.

Proven to Support Effective Teaching

The Creative Curriculum and Teaching Strategies GOLD have the same 38 essential objectives for development and learning at their core, helping
every teacher to:

  • Directly link assessment and instruction
  • Focus on what’s most important for school readiness and success
  • Use data to successfully individualize instruction
  • Provide learning experiences that are meaningful for every child

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Proven to Show Concurrent Validity

A new report confirms that Teaching Strategies GOLD has concurrent validity with various other assessment tools, eliminating the need for programs to use multiple assessment resources in the classroom. Specifically:

  • Programs can avoid duplicative efforts by using only Teaching Strategies GOLD
  • Teaching Strategies GOLD is effective for gathering important information on children’s learning and development
  • Teaching Strategies GOLD is respectful of teachers’ and children’s time
  • Using Teaching Strategies GOLD is more cost-effective than using multiple measures

Read the summary research report.