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Enhancing Block Play III by Kodo Kids

SKU 109613

Enhancing Block Play III is full of story props, construction parts, tunnels, tubes, and ramps. This set includes a flexible Rubber Ramp, perfect for enhancing the physical science concepts that children uncover naturally during open-ended block play.


  • Korxx Building Blocks Color - a set of 38 colored cork building blocks for creating structures that can push the limits of physics. Comprised of 16 rectangles, 22 squares, and a felt storage box.

  • Building Boards - pack of 10 sturdy birch 6" x 8" x 1/2" rectangular boards. Use with blocks for creating walls, floor boards, roofs, platforms, and more.

  • Wood Biscuits - pack of 10 sturdy 5" round wooden discs. Use with blocks to create stepping stones, rolling rocks, stacking disks, circular platforms, and more.

  • Tube Set - this essential Tube Set is perfect for supporting explorations of flow, motion and force. It includes:
    • 2 - 4" tall x 6" white tubes
    • 2 - 11" tall x 4" white tubes
    • 2 - 18" tall x 3" white tubes
    • 1 - 24" tall x 2" see-inside pipe
    • 2 - 12" tall x 2" see-inside pipe
    • Wooden Storage Base
  • Tunnel Set - suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the tunnel set includes 6 extremely durable plastic tunnels in three sizes. Perfect for expanding block play, pairing with ramps and blocks, or used on their own with block play vehicles (not included). Set Includes:
    • 2 - 8" long x 6" diam
    • 2 - 6" long x 4" diam
    • 2 - 10" long x 4" diam
  • Discovery Ramp Deluxe Set with Caddy - The perfect amount of ramps for children to use along with blocks. Use them to create roads, bridges, pathways, and inclines. Designed using wormy maple for a pleasing aesthetic. It includes:
    • 30 - Wooden Balls
    • 4 - 3 Ft. Ramps
    • 6 - 2 Ft. Ramps
    • 4 - 1 Ft. Ramps
    • 2 - 6” Tubes
    • 1 - 12” Tube
  • Ramp Caddy: a portable ramp storage solution. Includes removable tubes for play! Includes:
    • Caddy (requires assembly)
    • One gallon fabric bag
    • 4" x 7" tube
    • 4" x 11" tube
    • 4" x 16" tube
    • 6" x 8" tube
  • A set of 4 Ball Deflectors: Rubber band ball deflection devices. A great addition that adds another element of experimentation.

  • 2 Fabric Ball Storage Bags: highly durable black fabric bags great for catching and storing balls.

  • Discovery Balls - Wood, cork, plastic, and metal inspire scientific comparison of weight, texture, and sound. Set of six to use with ramps, tubes, tunnels and more.

  • Tins Set - Set of 20 tins in four sizes for use as structural elements in the block interest area. Place several under the Rubber Ramp path for instant hills and valleys!

  • Wool Playscape Mats - 7 play mats for use with blocks and ramps to create imaginative landscapes. Includes grassy meadow, frozen pond, and many more.

  • Wool Creekside Story Props - beautiful wood and wool story play props truly enhance the block area. Includes 6 trees in three sizes, 6 flat-bottomed rocks, and a lovely wooden bridge.

  • Wool People Story Props - Nine poseable wool people in two skin tones to use with block and story construction. Wooden feet allow them to stand.

  • Rubber Ramp - 25 ft. of Rubber Ramp to pair with block and Discovery Ramp construction parts. Perfect for a study of motion along a continuous path.

  • Small Sandbags - Set of 10 extremely durable sandbags for stacking, shoring up structural block and ramp elements, and to inspire imaginative representation. Sandbags arrive empty for you to fill with the materials of your choice.

  • Fabric Bags Medium - Fabric Bags are made from recycled water bottles and are incredibly strong! Set of 4 (each with a three gallon capacity) have small handles for children to move easily and are perfect for organizing and displaying block accessories.


  • Tins Set & Korxx Building Blocks Color is appropriate for ages 12 months+

  • Melody Balls, Tunnel Set, Tube Set, Wood Biscuits, Sandbags, Rubber Ramp Only, Fabric Bags Medium & Building Boards are appropriate for
    ages 18 months+

  • Wool Creekside Story Props, Discovery Balls, Wool People Story Props & Discovery Ramps Deluxe Set with Cadd are appropriate for ages 3+

  • WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - This contains small balls. Not for children under 3 years.


  • Learn more about how Kodo Kids materials can complement The Creative Curriculum® studies.

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