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Enhancing Discovery II by Kodo Kids

SKU 109622

Enhancing Discovery II includes an Activity Tray to combine, examine, and investigate open-ended parts, a set of Marble Rubber Ramps, a captivating Gem Spinner, wooden bowls and tubes, colorful acrylic pegs, and more.


  • Activity Tray - Creates a focused and portable activity space for art, sensory play, small construction, and ramp experiences. 24" x 24" magnetic steel tray is watertight and framed in birch.

  • Marble Rubber Ramp Custom Set - Children explore cause and effect relationships, speed, gravity, and force as they build roller coaster like courses. Includes:
    • 2 Sections 8ft. Marble Rubber Ramps
    • 5 Steel Balls
    • 30 Assorted Color Marbles
    • Canvas Storage Bag
  • Wooden Tubes - 16 handcrafted pieces in four sizes for sorting, ordering, and adding to your loose parts collection. Perfect to use as tunnels with our Marble Rubber Ramp.

  • Mini Wooden Bowls - Handcrafted wooden bowls for arranging, stacking, and counting are perfect for sorting small natural materials such as seeds and shells.

  • Small Earth Colors Wool Balls - Soft colors and natural texture appeal to the senses. Includes 49 1.5" wool balls in 7 colors: cream, grey, blue, sage, gold, brick, and taupe.

  • Gem Spinner - In addition to motor skills and visual perception, children will gain their first experiences with color mixing and physical laws, such as rotation and kinetic energy.

  • Rainbow Pegs Pack Custom Set - Includes: 35 Acrylic .75" diameter pegs approximately 2.75" long. Five each in Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Pink and Clear come in a Canvas Storage Bag.

  • Natural Shape Viewers - Support children to focus their attention on the details by using these natural wood viewers. Set of 5 crafted of wood.


  • Gem Spinner and Activity Tray is appropriate for ages 18 months+

  • Natural Shape Viewers & Rainbow Pegs Pack Custom Set are appropriate for ages 2+

  • Small Earth Colors Wool Balls, Mini Wooden Bowls, Marble Rubber Ramp Custom Set & Wooden Tubes are appropriate for ages 3+

  • WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - This contains small balls. Not for children under 3 years.


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