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Enhancing Outdoors I by Kodo Kids

SKU 109641

Featuring the Outdoor Funnel Stand, scoops, and specially designed sifters, children will love the tools in this Enhancing Outdoors I set and use them to explore flow, volume, and material properties in your outdoor sandbox.


  • Outdoor Funnel Stand - Wooden stand for funnels elevates scooping and pouring play. Includes 5 funnels in three sizes.

  • Set of 4 Large Scoops - Heavy duty clear scoops for indoor/outdoor sand and water play.

  • Outdoor Sifter Scoops - Durable Outdoor Sifter Scoops have a screen on one end for catching and sifting materials.

  • Sand Trowels - Create a variety of different designs by dragging, scooping, flattening, and stamping sand!


    • Outdoor Sifter Scoops are appropriate for ages 18 months+

    • Outdoor Funnel Stand, Large Scoops, & Sand Trowels are appropriate for ages 3+


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