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Enhancing Sand & Water III by Kodo Kids

SKU 109653

This robust Enhancing Sand & Water III collection features four portable sensory bins and oodles of tools to create cause-and-effect sand and water experiences just about anywhere. It includes our classic Funnel Stand, silky smooth Jurassic Sand, and a variety of sifting, mixing, and sorting tools.


  • Funnel Stand - Elevate your funnels for enriching sensory play as children scoop, pour, and watch the materials flow through the funnels. Stand measures 30" wide and 15" tall. Includes 4 funnels.

  • Set of 4 Small Scoops- Heavy duty clear scoops for indoor/outdoor sand and water play.

  • Jurassic Sifter Scoops - The perfect scoops for Jurassic Sand, Kinetic Sand, and Kodo Coco. Scoop, stir, pour with these unique sifters. Set of 2.

  • Jurassic Sand Original - Dust free and straight from the deserts of Utah, it is simply the best play sand available! Can be used wet or dry and flows like silk. 50lbs.

  • Sensory Bin with Lid - An indispensable tool for storage and play. Bin measures 3" Deep 18" x 26" storage bin.

  • Sift and Sort - The Sift & Sort tower consists of three different sized screens, each of which filter out a different sized material. Children pour a mixture of materials in the top and the material is sorted by size, large, medium and small. Includes a sample of soybeans, mung beans, millet and Jurassic Sand which is sized perfectly to fit through the different screens. Tower is 17" x 11.5" x 8". Screens are 10" x 12".

  • Set of 4 Metal Sand Sifters - These fine-screened tools are ideal for sifting through sand to find beans, blocks, toy dinosaurs or other hidden goodies.

  • Set of 2 Whisks - Measuring a full 18 inches long, these huge stainless steel whisks are sure to whip up some serious exploration during sensory time!

  • Set of 2 Hand Mixers - Mixing up mud, churn up water, or stir up small materials with these child powered hand mixers.

  • Set of 2 Farm Canisters - Incredibly strong stainless steel canisters feature a long handle for one or two children to carry and a snug fitting lid. Easy to wash and sanitize food safe containers for the garden, farm, or sensory area.

  • Ice Molds - Adults fill the molds with water and release them. Perfect for use in the Mobile Science and Sensory Lab. Three shapes are terrific for making artistic ice structures.


    • Jurassic Sifter Scoops, Small Scoops, & Funnel Stand are appropriate for ages 18 months+

    • Pump Works, Farm Canisters, Hand Mixers, Whisks, Metal Sand Sifters, Sift and Sort, & Jurassic Sand Original are appropriate for ages 3+

    • WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - contains small parts not suitable for children under 3 years.


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