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Kodo Enhancing Sand & Water Basic Kit

SKU 109655

Reinvigorate your sand and water play spaces with tools and materials that are irresistible to children. These materials have been selected to support logic and reasoning, fine-motor skill development, and earth science concepts. This collection features Kodo's signature Funnel Stand, silky-smooth Jurassic Sand, and unique tools.


  • Funnel Stand: Elevated funnels provide enriching sensory play as children scoop, pour, and watch the materials flow through the funnels. The stand measures 30" wide and 15" tall and includes four funnels. Suitable for use indoors and out.
  • Jurassic Sand Original: Dust-free and straight from the deserts of Utah, this is simply the best play sand available! It can be used wet or dry and flows like silk. Jurassic Sand ships separately. Includes 47 lbs. package.
  • Jurassic Sifter Scoops: Designed for sifting materials from fine sand, this set of two encourages children to scooop, pour and make discoveries.
  • Sensory Bin with Lid: An indispensible tool for both storage and play, the loose fitting lid on this 3" x 18" x 26" bin can double as a tray.
  • Small Scoops: These heavy-duty clear scoops are ideal for indoor/outdoor sand and water play. Includes a set of four.

Product Age Ratings:
Jurassic Sifter Scoops & Set of Small Scoops are appropriate for 18 months +
Funnel Stand, Jurassic Sand Original & Sensory Bin are appropriate for ages 3+ 



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