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Kodo Enhancing Discovery Comprehensive Kit

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Kodo's color-changing Light Lab panel is the centerpiece of this robust kit designed for your Discovery area. The kit features beautiful wooden tools and manipulatives, a compelling Marble Rubber Ramp set, unique scientific games and much more, all designed to enhance earth science, physics, mathematics and cooperative play in your The Creative Curriculum® classroom.


  • Activity Tray: Use the tray to create a focused and portable activity space for examining objects, art, sensory play, small construction, and ramp experiences. The 24" x 24" magnetic steel tray is watertight and framed in birch.
  • Animal Habitat Matching Tiles: Children match the animal or insect with its habitat while at play with this beautiful game of wooden tiles. Set includes thirty tiles with cotton bag.
  • Animal X-rays: Set of x-rays and picture cards features fourteen different mammals, reptiles, fish, amphibians, and birds.
  • Endless Pattern Tiles: Two distinct patterns give children endless possibilities for creating lines, curves, loops, and more. Perfect for a Discovery or Manipulatives area. Includes one hundred four wooden tiles and a cotton storage bag.
  • Environment Blocks Set Collection: Scientific puzzle block sets feature charming animals, rulers, and illustrated snapshots of environments that children arrange like puzzles. Use them to support fine motor practice, reasoning and research. Each side of the six blocks sets is unique. Three distinct environments are included:
    • Garden Set
    • Desert Set
    • Swamp Set 
  • Fabric Bags Set: Six small bags are great for displaying tools and materials. Use them for sprouting seeds or as containers for sensory play. Colors may vary from images shown.
  • Garden Hand Tools: Sturdy set includes two rakes, two spades and two scoops for indoor and outdoor planting experiences.
  • Gem Spinner: In addition to motor skills and perceptual development, the Gem Spinner can be used to introduce color blending, rotation and kinetic energy.
  • Insect X-rays: Set of x-rays and picture cards features thirty-six different insects and arthropods.
  • Light Lab Panel: Kodo's innovative color-changing Light Lab Panel is the only light panel that gives children direct physical control of color mixing. They adjust the amounts of red, blue, and green incrementally to make infinite color combinations. Includes one Light Lab Panel, one power cord and one screen protector.
  • Marble Rubber Ramp Set: Children explore cause and effect relationships, speed, gravity, and force as they build roller coaster-like courses. It includes:
    • Three 8' marble rubber ramp sections
    • Five steel balls
    • Thirty assorted color marbles
    • Canvas storage bag
  • Mini Wooden Bowls: Twelve tiny wooden bowls are perfect for sorting and displaying small natural materials such as pebbles, seeds and shells.
  • Natural Flower Trays:Set of two sectioned trays resemble flowers. They're ideal for all kinds of collecting, counting, sorting and loose parts activities. Made using sustainably sourced wood.
  • Natural Shape Viewers: Support children to focus their attention on the details by using these natural wood viewers. Set of five is made using sustainably sourced wood.
  • Rainbow Pegs Pack: This set includes sixty acrylic pegs, 3/4" in diameter and 2.75" long. A sturdy canvas storage bag holds ten each in red, yellow, orange, green, blue, and purple. Use them on the Light Lab Panel, with flashlights or in a sunny spot.
  • Wooden Tubes: Sixteen handcrafted pieces in four sizes are perfect to use as tunnels with the Marble Rubber Ramp Set. The set can also be used for ordering, counting and stacking.

Product Age Ratings:

  • Activity Tray, Fabric Bags, Natural Flower Trays, & Gem Spinner appropriate for 18 months +
  • Kodo Light Lab Panel, Rainbow Pegs Pack, Natural Shape Viewers, & Environmental Block Sets appropriate for ages 2+
  • Garden Tools, Mini Wooden Bowls, Animal Habitat Matching Tiles, Endless Pattern Tiles & Wooden Tubes appropriate for ages 3+
  • Marble Rubber Ramp appropriate for ages 3+ WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Toy contains a marble. Not for children under 3 years.
  • Insect X-rays & Animal X-rays appropriate for 4+



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