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Kodo Enhancing Dramatic Play Comprehensive Kit

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This comprehensive collection includes wool play props, a set of four Empathy Dolls, and handcrafted wooden parts. It features Kodo's exclusive Playscape Platforms, a set of large discs and arches that children use to construct their own make-believe environments, including tables and story platforms! Playscape Platforms can be used to bridge story construction and imaginative play in your Dramatic Play and Blocks interest areas.


  • Empathy Dolls: These 25” dolls are suited for use as dramatic play and therapy props. They feature soft bodies, charming facial features, and anatomical parts. Each is weighted to feel real. Includes one of each of four characters; Sophia, Emilie, Johan, and Antonio
  • Giant Silk: This large, rainbow-colored, smooth silk piece measures 9' x 3'. Use it to create enchanting playscapes with the help of the wood play clips.
  • Human X-Rays: Eighteen individual x-rays form a complete young adult. Perfect for imaginative hospital play. They're also a nice addition to your Discovery area.
  • Nested Wool Bowls Earth Colors: Set of seven wool nesting bowls can display materials or be used as dramatic play props. 
  • Playscape Platforms: This unique modular system of Playscape Platforms is designed for both Dramatic and Block Play. The portable pieces encourage children's thinking about shapes, environments, and architectural systems. Arrange in the classroom as needed to enhance representational play with story figures and block play props. Includes: 
    • Double Circle Grooved Base 47.5" x 24.75" at widest point
    • Two 22.25" grooved discs
    • Two 13.75" discs
    • Two 8.25" discs
    • Four arches in two widths
  • Play Silks: Perfectly combine this set of six silk squares, 21" x 21" in assorted colors, with our wood play clips to support children's dramatic play. Includes red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.
  • Stackable Pans: Set of six small pans are perfect for children to use for both real and pretend cooking. Stackable pans are 6" in diameter.
  • Wood Play Clips: Indispensable for building fabric forts, tents, and caves, this set of four large wooden play clips helps children construct their own imaginative environments.
  • Wooden Eggs: Set of six beautiful handcrafted wooden eggs for pretent play.
  • Wooden Clothespins: This set includes thirty wooden clothespins in a sturdy canvas storage bag.
  • Wool Bean Counters: Ten oversized bean pods encourage children to stack, arrange and use for counting practice. They're perfect for marketplace play. (Basket not included.)
  • Wool Bread Set: This collection of wool breads includes bagels and rolls. A set of sandwich toppings are perfect for children's pretend play experiences. (Bread board not included)
  • Wool Fruits Set: Perfect for pretend meal making, farm and marketplace play, this collection of handmade fruits includes thirty pieces. (Storage crate not included)
  • Wool Pizza Set: This delightful forty-four piece set includes six slices of pizza, toppings, a pizza board, and a pizza cutter. Try it in your Toys and Games area for matching, counting and arranging activities, too.
  • Wool Vegetables Set: Sixteen large wool vegetables include produce from the grocery store and farmer's markets. Use them as cooking and shopping play props or for a study of the garden. (Storage crate not included.)

Product Age Ratings:

  • Empathy Dolls appropriate for 12 months+
  • Nested Wool Bowls & Stackable Pans appropriate for 18 months +
  • Kodo Playscape Platforms, Wool Bean Counters, Wool Vegetables Set, Wool Pizza Set, Wool Bread Set, Wooden Eggs, Playsilks, Giant Silk, Wooden Clothespins and Wool Fruits Set appropriate for ages 3+
  • Wood Play Clips appropriate for ages 3+ WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - This contains small parts. Not for children under 3 years.
  • Human X-rays appropriate for ages 4+



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