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Kodo Enhancing Outdoors Comprehensive Kit

SKU 109649

Get everything you need to turn your outdoor space into a physical science play and learning lab! This comprehensive collection includes the Outdoor Balance, the Outdoor Funnel Stand, sturdy Outdoor Ramps with a storage center, pails, scoops, pipes, sandbags, and more.


  • Metal Pails Set: Sturdy galvanized metal pails can be used all year round. The set includes two large 8 qt., two medium 5 qt., and four small 3.5 pt. handled pails.
  • Outdoor Balance: Easily mount this tool to a fence post or wall for children to explore weight, mass, and proportion as they fill the balance buckets with natural materials on hand. The balance includes two metal pails and two double gated s-biners.
  • Outdoor Funnel Stand: This wooden stand for funnels elevates scooping and pouring play. It includes five funnels in three sizes. Measures 38" wide x 23" high when assembled.
  • Outdoor Ramps With Sandbags: Creativity is limitless when children play with these versatile outdoor ramps. Made for exploring the flow of water, balls, gravel, and slurry, the ramps and sandbags set is a great tool for helping children explore force and motion with natural materials. Sandbags arrive empty for you to fill. Includes:
    • Twelve ramps in 4', 3', and 2' lengths
    • Ten 2" weather-treated wood balls
    • Twenty large sandbags with ties
    • Thirty small sandbags with ties
  • Outdoor Ramps Storage Center: Neatly store your set of Kodo Outdoor Ramps in this weather-resistant organizing center.
  • Outdoor Sifter Scoops: These durable outdoor scoops have a screen on one end designed for catching and sifting materials. Includes a set of three; 2", 3" and 4" diameter.
  • Ramps & Fulcrums Set: Children clip the fulcrum feet on ramps where desired to create inclines, pivoting ramps, and elevated bridge-like ramps. This set can be used on it's own or combined with other ramp play parts. Includes four outdoor ramps in two sizes and eight fulcrums in two sizes.
  • Sand Shapers: Heavy duty tools children use to create a variety of designs by dragging, scooping, flattening, and stamping sand! Includes two trowels and six shapers.
  • See-Inside Pipes: This set of three translucent pipes can be used combined with ramps & balls for complex course designs. Children especially like them to see the flow of sand, water and natural materials in the sandpit, mud kitchen or sensory table. 
  • Set of Four Large Scoops: These heavy duty clear scoops are ideal for indoor and outdoor sand and water play.

Product Age Ratings:

  • See Inside Pipes, Ramps & Fulcrums Set, Outdoor Sifter Scoops, Large Scoop & Sand Shapers are appropriate for 18 months +
  • Outdoor Balance, Outdoor Ramps Storage Center, Metal Pails & Outdoor Funnel Stand appropriate for ages 3+
  • Outdoor Ramps with Sandbags are appropriate for ages 3+ WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Product contains small balls. Not for children under 3 years.



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