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The Creative Curriculum® for Family Child Care, Third Edition, With Daily Resources (Spanish)

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[Spanish edition] The Creative Curriculum® for Family Child Care, Third Edition With Daily Resources is a comprehensive curriculum that is specifically designed to support and inspire teachers and caregivers of children from birth through third grade in a family child care setting. It recognizes the unique challenges and opportunities inherent in the family child care setting while helping providers support children’s learning and development with intention. nurturing, intentional, and responsive to individual children’s strengths, needs, and interests. The Creative Curriculum® for Family Child Care includes Daily Resources to guide you as you organize and plan for meaningful learning opportunities that are responsive to children’s interests, strengths, and needs. These culturally and linguistically appropriate resources in Spanish support all aspects of development and learning for Spanish-speaking children, including Spanish language and literacy.


  • The Creative Curriculum® for Family Child Care, Third Edition: The Foundation
    • Volumen 1: Fundamentos
    • Volumen 2: Rutinas y experiencias
    • Volumen 3: Objetivos para el desarrollo y el aprendizaje: Del nacimiento al tercer grado
  • 151 Intentional Teaching Cards™ (bilingual)
  • Mega Minutos® para programs de cuidado infantile en hogar
  • 15 books from the Teaching Strategies® Children’s Book Collection
    • 5 fiction books
      • Caperucita Roja
      • La gallinita Roja
      • El Hombrecito de Jengibre
      • Pelotas, bolas, balones
      • Pollita Pequeñita
      • Los tres cabritos
    • 6 nonfiction books
      • La canción del barrio
      • ¡A concinar!
      • Construimos de la A a la Z
      • Contemos árboles
      • Un mundo de familias
      • ¿Quién usa esto?
    • 4 Big Books
      • ¡A cocinar!
      • Los tres cabritos
      • La canción del barrio
      • Un mundo de familias
    • 5 Book Discussion Cards
    • 24 issues of Highlights Hello™ and 24 Book Conversation Cards
    • 10 issues of Highlights High Five Bilingüe™ and 10 Book Conversation Cards
    • The Creative Curriculum® Learning Games® (digital access)
    • Teaching Strategies® Resource Organizer


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  • To learn more about our whole-child approach to learning, click here.
  • For information about The Creative Curriculum®, Digital Resources, click here.

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