Coaching to Fidelity, Preschool, 6th Edition (includes The Fidelity Tool), English

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When implementing any curriculum, educators are most successful when they receive ongoing, positive support and individualized coaching. Coaching to Fidelity is designed to support implementation of The Creative Curriculum® through individualized coaching that helps educators translate new knowledge into practice. Whether educators are beginning, progressing, or refining their implementation, Coaching to Fidelity supports coaches as they lead educators toward establishing dynamic programs and positive relationships with children, families, and colleagues.

Coaching to Fidelity (Preschool Edition)
An invaluable resource for those providing direct classroom support to teachers, the coaching tools in this comprehensive guide will help coaches determine what to look for, do, and say as they build positive relationships with teachers and guide them toward optimal implementation of The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool, Sixth Edition.

Intended for use with The Fidelity Tool for Administrators, which helps coaches assess how well teachers are implementing The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool, Coaching to Fidelity offers
  • valuable strategies that enable coaches to support the classroom teacher with confidence;
  • specific guidance on what coaches should look for when observing in classrooms and what constitutes effective feedback;
  • supportive suggestions on how best to nurture a successful coach–teacher relationship; and
  • the same structure and indicators as The Fidelity Tool to support cross-referencing and improve implementation.

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