Social-Emotional Impact Solution

Innovative Social–Emotional Support for Every Child, Teacher, and Family 

The Social-Emotional Impact Solution combines the power of three research-based tools that were designed to meet the unique social–emotional and mental wellness needs of early childhood: Al’s Pals™, Noni™, and ReadyRosie®. These innovative and easy-to-use solutions will deliver everything children, educators, and families need to facilitate meaningful social-emotional interactions when they need them the most.  

What’s Included? 

Al’s Pals™ for Every Child  

Al’s Pals™ is an evidence-based, comprehensive social-emotional learning curriculum and professional development program designed to meet the specific needs of preschool children. With both print and digital curriculum resources, Al’s Pals™ helps develop the foundational skills children need for success in school and in life by promoting social-emotional skills, such as self-control, problem-solving, and healthy decision-making.

Learn more about what’s included with Al’s Pals.

Noni™ for Every Teacher   

A first-of-its-kind app, Noni™ supports preschool, pre-K, and elementary school teachers working with children who have been impacted by trauma. Noni provides real-time support to help teachers build trauma-sensitive classrooms and prioritize their own mental health and wellness.  

Learn more about what’s included with Noni.

ReadyRosie® for Every Family  

Better serve and engage all families and reinforce social-emotional and mental wellness concepts at home with ReadyRosie®, an evidence-informed and research-based family engagement and early learning resource that is uniquely content-driven and based on seven essentials for transformative family partnerships.

Learn more about what’s included with ReadyRosie®.

Together, these tools cultivate the deep relationships between children, teachers, and families that are critical to a child’s success in school and life.  

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