The Mighty Minutes® for Preschool Collection (English)

SKU 77969
Make every minute count with More Mighty Minutes®, which add 100 more cards to your classroom collection if you already have the original set! These cards feature short and playful songs, chants, rhymes, movements, and games that can help you turn every minute of the day into a learning opportunity. More Mighty Minutes® can be used anywhere, any time to intentionally teach language, literacy, math, science, social studies, and physical skills throughout the day.

Like the other resources in The Creative Curriculum®, More Mighty Minutes® are rooted in curricular objectives, listing the primary and related objectives addressed by each activity. Each card also suggests ways to adapt the activity to either focus on a different area or to increase/decrease the complexity of the activity.

A set of More Mighty Minutes® includes 100 laminated cards that can be clipped onto a retractable key ring (included with purchase) so they can be kept close at hand.

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