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Kodo Enhancing Art Basic Kit

SKU 109608

The Kodo Art Basic Kit features a clear-bottomed Sand Tray and unique sand shaping and writing tools to help children explore lines, shapes, patterns, symmetry, and positive and negative space. This collection includes a light panel designed to fit snugly under the Sand Tray. A roll of reusable Water Canvas rounds out the set.


  • Sand Tray This beautiful wooden tray with a clear base offers a space to create designs in the sand and play with the artistic concepts of positive and negative space, which includes:
    • 2 lbs. fine quartz sand
    • One sand smoothing tool
    • Two sand rakes
  • Sand Tray Light Panel: Place the Sand Tray Light Panel under the Sand Tray to illuminate the clear bottom. As sand is moved, vibrant white light fills the negative space.
  • Sand Tray Mirror: Experiment with the artistic concepts of reflection and symmetry. This acrylic mirror has wooden feet for use in the Sand Tray or on a tabletop.
  • Sand Writers: The Sand Writer is a funnel in pen form. Children fill the acrylic tube with very fine sand, and it trickles out of the bottom. Set of two included.
  • Patterned Rolling Pins: This set of four wooden rolling pins is an essential art tool for sensory applications. Glide the pins across sand or clay to reveal a pattern.
  • Water Canvas: Paint with water on the white canvas and see works of art turn black and then back to white as the surface dries. Includes five yards water canvas and four foam brushes.

Product Age Ratings:
Sand Tray, Sand Tray Mirror, Patterned Rolling Pins, Sand Tray Light Panel, Sand Writers & Water Canvas are appropriate for ages 3+



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