The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool, Sixth Edition, With Daily Resources (Spanish)

The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool, Sixth Edition, Spanish is a comprehensive, research-based curriculum in Spanish that features hands-on, project-based investigations as a pathway to learning. Six foundation volumes further your understandings of best practices and support you in creating a high-quality learning environment. Daily Resources help you plan and manage every moment as you immerse children in dynamic and engaging learning experiences throughout the school day. With The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool, you’ll inspire in children a love of learning as you help them develop confidence, creativity, and critical-thinking skills—all while promoting positive outcomes. These culturally and linguistically appropriate resources in Spanish support all aspects of development and learning for Spanish-speaking children, including Spanish language and literacy.

To transform your planning, teaching, and family engagement experiences, inside the classroom and beyond, the Spanish edition of The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool, Sixth Edition includes The Creative Curriculum® Cloud for Preschool. More than a digital curriculum, The Creative Curriculum® Cloud takes our leading early childhood curriculum resources online to support educators as they bring a content-rich, developmentally appropriate curriculum to life in an early childhood classroom or at home in partnership with families. In addition to 24/7 digital access to curriculum, it provides dynamic planning tools that help individualize instruction, facilitates communication between teachers and families, streamlines weekly planning processes, and offers access to new family-facing resources to build consistency in learning experiences.


  • El Currículo Creativo para educación preescolar: Fundamentos
    • Volumen 1: Fudamentos
    • Volumen 2: Áreas de interés
    • Volumen 3: Lectoescritura
    • Volumen 4: Mathemáticas
    • Volumen 5: Ciencia y tecnología, estudios sociales y artes
    • Volumen 6: Objetivos para el desarrollo y el aprendizaje: Del nacimiento al tercer grado
  • 6 Guías de enseñanza
    • Para comenzar el año
    • Estudio de los árboles
    • Estudio de cómo reducer, reutilizer, y reciclar
    • Estudio de los edificios
    • Estudio de las pelotas, bolas y balones
    • Estudio de la ropa
  • 201 Tarjetas de enseñanza intencional™ (Bilingual)
  • 100 Mega Minutos® para educación preescolar
  • 79 books from the Teaching Strategies® Children’s Book Collection, including 4 Big Books
  • 22 Tarjetas: Hablemos de libros
  • Teaching Strategies® Resource Organizer

  • The Creative Curriculum® Cloud for Preschool
    • Digital Curriculum: Includes a full library of resources in both English and Spanish from The Creative Curriculum® for teachers and families and access to new content as it is developed.
      • Teacher Resources:
        • Foundation volumes (13)
        • Getting Started guide
        • Teaching Guides (20+)
        • Intentional Teaching Experiences (251)
        • Mighty Minutes® (300)
        • Book Discussion Cards
        • Select books from our Children’s Book Collection
        • Photo Library
      • Family-Facing Resources:
        • At-Home Guided Learning Plans (191)
        • Guided Learning Experiences (251)
        • Family Mighty Minutes® (300)
        • LearningGames® (100)
        • Recipe Cards (16)
    • Planning Calendar: Auto-populate your calendar with curricular resources, customize and share your daily and weekly plans, access comprehensive daily guidance and supplemental resources, and utilize integrated assessment data to individualize learning.

    • Family Mobile App: Our mobile app enables quick and efficient communication between teachers and families and makes sharing video, photos, text, and files easier than ever.



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