Teaching Guide featuring the Roads Study

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Our Teaching Guides feature studies—in-depth, hands-on investigations of topics that interest children and are relevant to their lives. Teaching Guides offer 6 weeks of comprehensive daily plans that help teachers support children as they explore, investigate, find answers to their questions, and take delight in their discoveries.

This Teaching Guide leads teachers through the process of conducting an investigation of roads with children. The daily plans help teachers individualize instruction, provide meaningful learning experiences, address objectives for development and learning, and successfully engage families in their children’s learning. Includes:

  • 3 Book Discussion Cards™ and 3 related children’s books
  • 1 nonfiction book: Discovering Roads
  • Explores questions such as "How do roads help people in their everyday lives?" and "How do we stay safe on the road?"
  • Builds upon features and vocabulary related to roads, such as light poles, reflector bumps, overpasses, bridges, and other features that captivate children’s interest
  • Provides community extensions, engaging children with people and ideas that help foster children’s innate curiosity about roads and transportation
  • Presents rich opportunities to support cognitive development through gathering data and understanding the relationship between transportation and people

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