The Creative Curriculum® Cloud


Streamline planning, teaching, and family engagement anywhere, anytime, with 24/7 access to the full library of curriculum resources, in both English and Spanish; engaging, multimedia family-friendly playlists tied directly to classroom instruction; a Digital Children’s Library; and two-way communication with families to reinforce learning at home and facilitate a close home-school connection. Plan, individualize, and guide every aspect of the day with access to everything you need at your fingertips. Our platform is designed as a digital aid for teachers, facilitating everyday engagement and communication and streamlining administrative tasks so that teachers can have more meaningful interactions with every child.
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  • Digital Curriculum:
    • Teacher Resources*
      • Foundation volumes
      • Getting Started guide
      • Teaching Guides
      • Intentional Teaching Experiences
      • Mighty Minutes®
      • Book Discussion Cards™
      • Select books from our Children’s Book Collection
      • Photo Card Library
    • Family Resources*
      • Family Guided Learning Plans
      • Guided Learning Experiences
      • Family Mighty Minutes®
      • LearningGames®
      • Recipe Cards
  • SmartTeach Planning Calendar:
    • Streamline the planning process with an auto-populate calendar feature
    • Customize daily and weekly plans as needed
    • Access complete daily guidance and supplemental resources
    • Share resources and plans directly with families
    • Individualize learning experiences with an integrated connection to assessment
  • Family Mobile App
    • Communicate in real-time with families
    • Share video, photos, text, and files securely with families
    • Receive family documentation and observations
    • Provide a seamless experience for families with access to a free mobile app available on Android™ and iOS®.

* Resources available may vary depending on your curriculum option.


Bundle your print curriculum with a subscription to The Creative Curriculum® Cloud to streamline your planning process, access your curriculum resources digitally, share family-facing resources, and support learning experiences across all settings—traditional, remote, and hybrid. Contact an account representative to purchase the print and digital bundle.


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