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The Creative Curriculum® for Kindergarten

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The Creative Curriculum® for Kindergarten builds upon decades of research, offering a developmentally appropriate, inquiry-based curriculum that incorporates best practices for teaching. It delivers a research-based, whole-child approach to project-based learning. Through in-depth investigations of science and social studies topics that integrate literacy and mathematics concepts, you can encourage students to think critically, solve problems, and connect ideas.

The Creative Curriculum® for Kindergarten includes comprehensive, high-quality resources that provide support for differentiated instruction, guidance for intentional teaching, and promote the development of the whole-child.

The Foundation offers insight into the most current research and best practices for teaching kindergarten students. The Daily Resources help teachers organize and manage their days intentionally and effectively. With The Creative Curriculum® for Kindergarten you’ll have the comprehensive resources needed to offer children opportunities to learn through investigation, discovery, and play.


  • The Creative Curriculum® for Kindergarten: The Foundation
    • Volume 1: The Foundation
    • Volume 2: Objectives for Development & Learning, Birth Through Third Grade
  • 6 Teaching Guides
    • Beginning the Year
    • Architecture Study
    • Grocery Store Study
    • Percussion Instruments Study
    • Seeds Study
    • Sports Study
  • 201 Intentional Teaching Cards™ (bilingual)
  • Mighty Minutes® for Kindergarten
  • 42 books from the Teaching Strategies® Children’s Book Collection, including
    • 30 fiction books
    • 12 nonfiction books, including 10 with teacher and student (reader) editions
    • To see the full collection, click here.
  • 18 Book Discussion Cards
  • 12 issues of Highlights High Five Bilingüe
  • 12 Book Conversation Cards
  • 20 3-Step Instruction Cards
  • GOLD® Kindergarten Entry Assessment Survey
  • Teaching Strategies® Resource Organizer


Bundle your print curriculum with a subscription to The Creative Curriculum® Cloud to streamline your planning process, access your curriculum resources digitally, share family-facing resources, and support learning experiences across all settings—traditional, remote, and hybrid.

When combined with the power of a subscription to The Creative Curriculum® Cloud, you’ll have all the resources you need to transform your planning, teaching, and family engagement experiences – inside the classroom and beyond. Contact an account representative to purchase the print and digital bundle.


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